Swan Events Staffing LLC.

Founded in 2015 with the focus to provide new and innovative high-quality staffing services in the DC Metropolitan Area. Our staffing services have been dedicated to providing our clients with highly trained professionals for temporary or permanent positions. Whether you have a small or large event, a catering company to supply temporary human resources to corporations, universities, hospitals and many more, our Swan Events Staffing works with a vast number of clients. Our company is organized by departments with the objective to reach our booking staff, exclusively dedicated to the recruitment and quality and control of our best-trained staff members. We continuously supervise the Accounting Department that processes and keeps records of all hours for private and public institutions to generate invoices based on time sheets from events worked. Our services provide clients with the highest possible efficiency to the specific characteristics of each person by placing staff members in the client’s facilities ensuring that the specific instructions of our clients are met.

Jessenia  & Bryan Saenz

Our Mission

To deliver the best service in the industry, with the best people, through best practices. Hospitality staffing solutions reinvent the industry by setting the standard for the highest service levels.

Our Goal

Providing our client with upscale, professional and well-trained staff members. We make our clients feel confident when using our service, by putting all departments to work together to ensure that our client expectations are met.

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